e- Serbia is a joined project of the group of professional graphic and web designers, as well as the photographers. e-serbia seeks not only to keep the project in the field of services - but to respond to all those challenges of the contemporary society that, among other things, assume socially engaged and responsible business attitude, solidarity and affirmation of the differences. By recognizing and appreciating social, political and cultural differences, e-Serbia tends to give an authentic visual image to individuals, organizations and companies world wide.

With its refined sensibility and rather long experience in working with clients of the most diverse commitments, e-Serbia managed to acquire a characteristic of reliable business partner as well as loyal friend to many organizations.

e- Serbia is a project that aims to promote new ideas, diversity and synergy of new technologies with fundamental principles of the design and graphics. e-Serbia tends to connect and communicate through the creative work, to support – through its contributions in the field of design and information technologies – all those potential clients seeking to send a new, different visual message about themselves and their business environments to the public with special attentions to the details.

In its open approach, e-Serbia shares and exchanges experiences and new ideas. It assumes design to be one of the most significant component of the modern society at the beginning of 21st century.
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